The rawgraphs-core library has no strict requirements of a browser envirnonment. However, as the charts rendering leverages the DOM api (in particular additional apis provided by SVG) the library always needs a valid html document to operate on.

At the moment we could not find any pure node.js implementation of the DOM api supporting the full svg specification, so rawgraphs-core is officially fully supported only in a browser environment.


It's still possible to use rawgraphs-core in a server environment, for example using the Puppeteer library or some other headless browser, but this is out of the scope of the rawgraphs-core documentation

Installing from npm#

You can install the library from npm, using your favourite package manager:

npm install @rawgraphs/rawgraphs-core
# Yarn
yarn add @rawgraphs/rawgraphs-core

Direct <script> inclusion#

Another way to install rawgraphs-core, is to directly include it in your html via a <script> tag, that will include the UMD build of the library. In this case we'll use jsdelivr, a free CDN for open source packages.

<script src=""></script>

In this case the rawgraphs-core api will be available in the raw object in the global (window) scope.