Chart utilities

RAWGraphs core provides a set of utility functions that can be used in the render function of a chart implementation.


This library includes utilities to generate legends like the ones seen in charts of the RAWGraphs app.

These utilities may be used in svg charts rendered using the d3 library, as are based on d3 scales to automatically draw legends for color and size scales.

Here's an example of the legend displayed in a bubblechart from the RAWGraphs app:

Legend in bubble chart

Here you can see an example of using these functions in the bubble chart from the rawgraphs-charts repository.

Labels occlusion#

One recurring problem when implementing visualisations is the collision of labels.

If the chart rendering is based on d3 and your using the data method of a selection to generate the viz, the labelsOcclusion utility helps you solve this problem.

The function takes a d3 selection and the function for getting the priority for each datum. Here's an usage example:

import { labelsOcclusion } from 'rawgraphs-core'
import { d3 } from 'd3'
const svg ='#somediv').append("svg")
const labelsLayer = svg.append("g").attr("id", "labels");
const data = [
{ x: 1, y: 1, label: "hello", size: 10 },
{ x: 2, y: 1, label: "from", size: 30 },
{ x: 3, y: 2, label: "rawgraphs", size: 10 },
.attr("transform", (d) => `translate(${d.x * 10},${d.y * 10})`)
.text((d) => d.label)
labelsOcclusion(labelsLayer.selectAll('text'), (d) => d.size)

You can see the utility in action in the beeswarm chart in the RAWGraphs app, when setting to true the Auto hide labels visual option:

Labels occlusion in beeswarm

Here you can see an example of using the function in the beeswarm from the rawgraphs-charts repository.